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Advantages of Car parking shade

Car parking in Dubai is a nightmare, particularly in the summer. But things might just get a little bit better, thanks to the new car parking shades that are springing up all across the city. These purpose-built canopies provide a range of benefits to car owners and to the cars themselves.

Al Abrar Tents is the leading vehicle parking shade provider in the UAE

Al Abrar Tents proudly stands as the leading vehicle parking colour supplier within the UAE, supplying a huge range of parking shades to cater to the desires of customers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and beyond. As a good provider in Dubai and across the UAE, Al Abrar Tents focuses on supplying top-notch color structures for vehicle parking areas. whether or not you are searching out automobile parking sun shades to defend your vehicle from the harsh solar or definitely enhancing the aesthetics of your parking location, Al Abrar Tents has the answer for you.

With a various choice of automobile parking sheds and sun shades in Dubai, customers can choose from numerous styles of automobile parking color designs, which includes sail shades, tensile shades, and parking sheds crafted from nice color fabric. From different types of car park shade to things to consider for your shade design Al Abrar Tents will give you a comprehensive guide into the options available for car parking shades in Dubai. In here, the company also helps you consider the overall benefits and advantages of using car parking shades – and explain why the future is looking bright for car owners in Dubai!

Protection From The Sun

Another convincing point to install car parking shades is the improved protection that they offer for vehicles. When a car is left out in the open for extended periods of time, it can often fall victim to a range of harmful environmental effects. For example, during the hotter months, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can significantly increase the internal temperature of a parked car. This not only causes discomfort to the driver upon reentering the car, but it can also lead to damage to the car’s interior such as the upholstery and dashboard as a result of UV exposure.

Preservation of Aesthetics

Furthermore, the paintwork can also be affected; the UV rays from the sun can cause the paint to fade over time, and the heat can cause the paint to dry out and become brittle, therefore making it more likely to become damaged, such as by chipping or scratching. Car parking shades provide an effective solution to this problem. Despite still being open to the air, the cover that the shade provides allows for a layer of insulation around the car, which helps to maintain a significantly cooler temperature inside the vehicle. This has the added benefit of creating a more pleasant environment for the driver and any passengers. Additionally, because the car is shielded from the sun’s rays, the interior furnishings and bodywork also receive protection, meaning that the aesthetics of the car can be preserved for longer.

Reduced Maintenance

Studies have shown that car parking shades can reduce internal vehicle temperatures by over 15 degrees Celsius, which not only protects the car and its occupants, but also provides a more comfortable ambiance for those stepping into the vehicle.


Taking into consideration the costs for car parking shades, it is important to remember that they can actually facilitate an opportunity for long-term savings; they may help to reduce the chances of damage to vehicles, meaning that drivers will not have to spend money on extensive repairs nor on maintenance that is required as a result of wear and tear from exposure to the elements. In this way, car parking shades make for a sound investment into the future care and protection of vehicles.

Safety For All

Car parking shades offer benefits not only for car drivers but also for pedestrians. By providing a protective and shaded environment for vehicles, the risk of accidents reduces for pedestrians and drivers walking in and around the vehicle parking area without car parking shades. Also, the shades provide some protection for pedestrians outside the vehicles from rainwater draining off the cars when in wet weather. Finally, the installation of car parking shades can provide an opportunity to introduce well-defined walkways for pedestrians within a parking area, again increasing safety for them.


With the world going into more modernization, it is important to note the benefits of using solar-powered car parking methods, especially when parking around outdoor areas. These kinds of modern shades can bring energy back to public power grids, making the country benefit back from these modern technologies and our company is here to work with these sustainable ways to preserve the nature for today, and the future. In fact, there are many benefits of using solar-powered car parking shades, especially the multiple environmental, economic and long-term benefits which they can produce for fuel usages and power generations.

Car parking shade Choices

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Pliable Texture Shades


Cantilever Shades


Steel Edge Shades


Sun powered Garages


Wooden Pergolas


Retractable Shades

Car parking shades are a viable and in vogue answer for safeguarding your vehicle and upgrading your parking spot. Whether you’re searching for sun insurance, climate obstruction, or added security, there’s a vehicle leaving concealment to suit your requirements.

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